EdCast Marketplace along with experts from our content partners, Packt and CYBRScore participated in a webinar “Cybersecurity for Remote Workforce: Identifying Threats, Creating Solutions”.

Our speakers for this event highlighted important topics. For example:

  • Why it is important to review cybersecurity during remote work
  • What kind of cyber risks remote teams may be vulnerable to
  • How organizations can better handle the risks and protect against cyber attacks
  • How L&D can help promote cyber safety awareness within an organization

Our speakers for the event included cybersecurity experts:

  • Yuri Diogenes, Master in Cybersecurity | University Professor & Packt Author
  • Erik Wallace, Director of Sales & Business Development | CYBRScore
  • Anja Deelen, Head of Marketplace Growth | EdCast

Key takeaways to promote cybersecurity:

  • Adoption of a solid security posture management platform and program that has upper management full sponsorship
  • IT needs to work closer with Security Teams to help enabling remote workers secure access to companies resources
  • Update the security awareness program to include current scenarios
  • Minimize the bleed over of personal / work accounts
  • Remember to re-evaluate on a more regular basis

Key takeaways on how L&D can help:

  • Offer online classes that focus on today’s cybersecurity challenges and solutions
  • Similarly, provide online support on staying safe and being productive
  • Make security awareness training available to everyone and at any time
  • Challenge staff in learning  about Cybersecurity (leaderboards, goal setting)
  • Ensure your tools provide feedback to managers about progress in Cybersecurity awareness and knowledge
  • Track and validate engagement

Click here to access the slide deck for this webinar, or click the button below to access the recording.

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