Every day, organizations (big and small) produce a massive amount of data. We recognize the enormous amount of values to analyze the data and derive insights for decision making. With AI and Big Data, the need to upskill the workforce on big data and data sciences burgeons. Here are 10 big data courses handpicked by our content partners on our learning marketplace.

An article published in Harvard Business Review by Rany Bean and Thomas H Davenport reported that based on a 2019 Big Data and AI Executive Survey among 64 c-level technology and business executives representing some Fortune 500 corporations, 72% of the survey respondents report they have yet to forge a data culture and 69% report that they have not created a data-driven organization.

According to a report published by LinkedIn, there is a shortage of more than 150,000 people with data science skills in the US. And it further highlighted that data science has become increasingly important across all industries and not just in technology and finance.

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Big Data and Analytics for Business Users

What are the processes, tools, and human resources that will be needed in order to take advantage of this sea change in information management?  This one day primer introduces Cloud Computing, Big Data, and the emerging discipline of Data Analytics. Attention will be given to the three V’s of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, and Variety as well as the fourth V of Value.    

Spark Fundamentals

This high-octane Spark training course provides theoretical and technical aspects of Spark programming.  The course teaches developers Spark fundamentals, APIs, common programming idioms and more.

Machine Learning with Apache Spark

Data scientists are turning to Apache Spark for processing massive amounts of data using Apache Spark’s distributed compute capability and its built-in machine learning library. This course offers hands-on training on Apache Spark

Hadoop Programming on the Hortonworks Data Platform for Managers
Get an introduction to Apache Hadoop and key Hadoop ecosystem projects: Pig, Hive, Sqoop, and Spark. This course is supplemented by a variety of hands-on labs that help attendees reinforce their theoretical knowledge of the learned material and gain practical experience of working with Apache Hadoop and related Apache projects.

R Programming from the Ground Up

R is increasingly popular among business analysts, statisticians and data scientists as a tool of choice for conducting statistical analysis of data as well as supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Help attendees learn the practical aspects of the R programming language.

Applied Data Science with Python

Learn the theoretical and practical aspects of using Python in the realm of Data Science, Business Analytics, and Data Logistics.  This training course is supplemented by a variety of hands-on labs that help attendees reinforce their theoretical knowledge of the learned material.

Introduction to Big Data and NoSQL Training

What are the fundamental concepts of and ideas behind Big Data / NoSQL technologies? This course explores these concepts in a methodological way and demystified many buzzword.  The course is supplemented by hands-on labs that help attendees reinforce their theoretical knowledge of the subject.

Introduction to Version Control with Git
This one-day Git training course teaches developers what Git is and how to use Git to manage software versions effectively. The Git training course begins with a review of the benefits of version control in software development.  It follows with an introduction of Git, with emphasis on the multiple workflow possibilities, and the paradigm shift required to use distributed version control effectively.

CCC Big Data Foundation
Looking for a starting point in your Big Data journey? This accredited course by CCC, offers hands-on experience in using two of the most popular technologies in Big Data processing – Hadoop and MongoDB and practice installing these two technologies through lab exercises. The exercises expose you to real-life Big Data technologies with the purpose of obtaining results from real datasets from Twitter.

Big Data Overview

How Big Data can be used to solve real business problems? Check out this awareness course that introduces Big Data Technologies, such as Hadoop and MongoDB and explains what is data mining and the tools used in it.

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