To improve the shopping experience, all product pages have been enriched with many exciting features.

Introduce a Seller Page

We understand that B2B purchasing requires in-depth information on the product. Besides all the detail course description, target audiences as well as sample materials, having information on the seller adds a lot of value in making the purchasing decision. Therefore, we have now updated the template of our product pages. On each product page, the associated seller name, logo and description are displayed. There is even a link to view all the products that are sold by the seller. Therefore you will get to know more about the expertise of the sellers and provide more input to the purchasing decisions.

Streamline Communications with Sellers

Have questions on the products and want to speak with the seller? Previously, you would most likely need to go through the Leapest Customer Support Team to bring your message across. To save you time and make it really convenient, you can now initiate a message to the seller from the product page. While it is not a chat function, sellers, in general, will respond within 24 hours. The history of the conversations can be found in the Notification tab under Message in each dashboard.

Request for Evaluation Copies Made Easy

Again, we have designed our features for B2B purchasing. It is a common practice that having an evaluation copy to enable extensive review of the content and assess whether that meets the training needs is required before a purchasing decision can be made. We have made it easy for buyers to request for an evaluation copy of the content from a seller via the product page. These evaluation copies are time-limited (per determination by the seller). Leapest Development Team has also designed this feature with the protection of the protection of the IP of the sellers in mind.

It is our goal to become your destination for all training resources and services. Our team is committed to continuously develop and make improvements to the features to enhance your experience using Leapest. We would love to hear from you. Feel free to provide us with any feedback on these features at