Workplace needs are changing fast. Adapting to changes and staying competitive through workplace upskilling and learning have become a priority in many organizations. Therefore, Leapest is continuously growing our catalog as the destination for training and consulting providers as well as L&D managers to source training resources and services.

We welcome new partners every month that offer very exciting portfolios, offering more and more choice in our catalog and convenience to our buyers. Friendly, transparent and standard terms and conditions governing all the transactions. Procurement is streamlined for business buyers. There is one shopping cart for all purchases irrespective of which portfolios you buy.

And there’s more! Leapest facilitates buyers to connect with sellers to create business partnerships. Our sellers are experts in their domains. They have a lot of useful input for our buyers such as helping them select the most relevant training content to achieve their training objectives or what are the best approaches to deliver the training content.

We are excited to welcome a number of partners (sellers) recently on our IT Training Catalog:

Future Tech Lab– Future Tech Lab is an R&D company that transforms customers legacy business processes, operations, and assets into a truly digital platform. ​Since 2016, Future Tech Lab has initiated “Academy for IoT” (A4IoT), a training and certification program with on-demand tutorials on IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Smart City and more.

Global Skills X-Change (GSX) -GSX designs strategies and processes for the application of skill and work standards in the private, public, and federal sectors by continuing to expand on the comprehensive research originally performed by the former National Skill Standards Board (NSSB) in the United States. GSX’s expertise is in the implementation of standards, assessments, certifications, and training solutions that define and measure workforce needs and optimize workforce performance.

Play to Growth – Business Improvement Through Games. Play to Growth design, develop, deliver and distribute games focused on the main business management subjects. Their games can be delivered as an add on to training activities or as a stand-alone activity.
Play to Growth is looking for partners worldwide to distribute and enhance their business proposals thanks to our games.

PROCE Insitute – PROCE™ is the acronym for PRocess Oriented Change Execution. PROCE Institute has developed the 4Dimensions™ Framework as a common denominator for integrating strategy, change management and program management for managing innovation in a fast-changing disrupted, globalized and digitized world.

SECO-Institute  – Security & Continuity Institute (SECO) is the leading institute for highly qualified Security & Continuity certification titles and the owner of the Cyber Security & Governance certification program. This certification program consists of 7 different certification tracks, aligned with individual jobs and job-specific disciplines.

Simagine Business Simulations – Simagine develops business simulations for change programs. For over twenty years Simagine has specialized in developing and licensing business simulations and business games. The simulations cover a wide range of topics.

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