We’re excited to announce that we have equipped our marketplace with expanded capabilities and a fresh new look.

EdCast Marketplace, Leapest, is made up of a global ecosystem of top publishers, corporate trainers and subject matter experts. We enhance the ability of organizations to create an engaging learning experience with unlimited scalability and flexibility. In addition to learning content, instructor services, Leapest also features the sale and purchase of learning/training services (including courses, coaching, and bespoke training build/deliver assignments). And that’s also a key objective of this enhancement in addition to improving the overall interface.

Changing the Game for Learning Solutions Procurement

Here’s a quick rundown of the key enhanced features:

  • One Ecosystem: Single Sign-On (SSO) access across all related portals with a consistent look and feel across all these environments.
  • A mega menu to make it easy to navigate the topics and subtopics in the marketplace.
  • Clear labeling of the content partners associated with the specific products to help buyers make an informed purchase decision.
  • A dedicated page per content partner highlighting the company profile and offerings.

Solutions for Business Buyers
Not only do we simplify the procurement process but also expand our buyers’ content selection. A marketplace approach enables us to meet the market needs more quickly. New content partners, new products and services are added to the marketplace each month. 

The key benefits of purchasing in the Marketplace don’t stop at choice and convenience though. We have designed the environment tailored for business such as the importance of Purchase Orders (POs) in controlling business purchases; accommodating different types of pricing possibilities including business-specific pricing, large volume discount, subscription pricing, pay-per-use pricing/consumption vouchers. Saves you time calling or emailing! Get easy access to product data, sample materials, and availability. Leapest print and ship coursebooks for you. If you order digital products such as eLearning or eBook, you’ll receive that in seconds.

Streamlined Procurement: By working with Leapest, you have one single point of training procurement. You save time and resources to manage multiple delivery providers and miscellaneous data processing arrangements.

Cost Optimization: One shopping cart for all irrespective of which publishers you purchase from. Optimize your training budget as you gain spending visibility across the enterprise.

Plug & Play: The marketplace model offers you immense choices of learning solutions and corporate trainers with the most flexible model.

Extend the Knowledge to Your Customers and Partners
EdCast Marketplace extends the capabilities of the EdCast Learning Experience Platform (LXP). The expansive capabilities of EdCast’s Content Marketplace mean you can also monetize your learning and training offers to these same populations as an augmented revenue stream for your L&D function. Learn more.

Organize Your Next Training on Leapest Marketplace
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