EdCast Marketplace, Leapest and Learn on Demand Systems today announced the availability of their learning solutions on the Marketplace.  Leapest is designed to help organizations accelerate employee development at scale with the most flexible and practical solutions. Through this partnership, the business buyers on Leapest can conveniently procure these learning solutions that offer an immersive and integrated ‘hands-on’ experience to their learners. 

Learn on Demand Systems, the global leader in hands-on learning and named as a 2019 Inc. 5000 Company, empowers organizations to accelerate technology learning through hands-on experience and skills validation. They have made available its flagship product, IT Pro Challenges, on the Marketplace. These challenges are goal-oriented, bite-sized, scenario-based hands-on exercises.  Ideal for cloud technologies, they provide skills development and assessments across multiple platforms and technologies. Students will receive digital badges upon the completion of certain challenges or challenge series.

We are proud of this new partnership with Learn on Demand Systems offering hands-on labs to our business buyers on the platform. Effective hands-on training, assessments, and validation are highly sought after to enhance the training of IT Pros. We welcome this new portfolio that helps organizations address the challenge to create and maintain engaging labs, workshops, courses and assessments that make technical concepts tangible

Sukhbir Jasuja, Managing Director, EdCast Marketplace Leapest.

We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Leapest. They offer an impressive catalog and we welcome the ability to contribute training content and hands-on challenges that enable learners to demonstrate and validate their skills

Learn on Demand Systems Chief Product Officer Ben Watson
View IT Pro Challenges from Learn On Demand Systems in the marketplace

About EdCast Marketplace, Leapest

Leapest offers a marketplace for learning solutions including courseware, eLearning, business simulations, certifications and instructor service. Our current catalog features key topics in IT and soft skills training. Leapest provides the ease to a comprehensive portfolio of in-demand training topics. Architected for agility, scalability, and reliability, we focus on building and enriching an ecosystem in corporate training.

About Learn on Demand Systems

Learn on Demand Systems is a 2019 Inc 5000 company that provides services and solutions to the technology education industry. A global leader in hands-on live learning, Learn on Demand Systems recognizes the challenges companies face to create and maintain engaging labs, workshops, courses and assessments that make technical concepts tangible across the globe. To address these challenges, the company offers a suite of products and services to develop, manage and deliver effective hands-on training, assessments, and validation. To learn more, visit learnondemandsystems.com or follow Learn on Demand Systems on Twitter at @LodSystems.