While the adoption of eCommerce is growing, the idea of a B2B Marketplace for the enterprise training industry is still a relatively new concept. Therefore, I find it relevant to dedicate an article to answer some frequently asked questions to help you understand what Leapest is and the values of joining Leapest as a seller.

What is Leapest B2B Marketplace?

Leapest, a corporate training ecosystem and a marketplace, is home to owners of training content, assessments or standards as well as contract instructors who sell a wide range of training related products and services.  

Architected for agility, scalability, and reliability, Leapest hosts three integrated marketplaces on one Platform; courseware, certifications, and instructor services.  It comes with transaction management, an authoring, publishing, distribution and learning delivery environment to create the customer experience in the digital age and to provide sellers and buyers insights derived from data and analytics.

What products and services are featured on Leapest?

The products and services that are listed for sale on Leapest include course materials (courseware), eLearning, labs, simulations, toolkits, video training, educational documents, training reference materials, textbooks, certification exams, instructor packages; as well as instructor service, train-the-trainer service, and accreditation service. You’ll find products that are delivered digitally as well as physical items.

As Leapest is a B2B Marketplace, you can compare that to the wholesale trade. The buyers are purchasing these training resources to run training programs. As a seller, you are not selling courses or course seats.

The first catalog launched is IT Training featuring topics such as IT Service Management, Cyber Security, IT Governance, Project Management, Agile and Scrum, Process Management, Quality Management, Applications Development and many more.

Who sells on Leapest?

Sellers on Leapest include among other educational publishers, standards owners, test/assessment owners, subject matter experts, IT solution providers as well as contract instructors. As you may aware, the training landscape is rather local and regional. Market penetration in a fragmented landscape is expensive and ineffective.  Leapest offers sellers a platform to reach training providers and corporates L&D across the globe and to generate new revenue streams.

Who buys on Leapest?

Currently, Leapest features 1500+ buyers from 100+ countries. The buyers include training and consulting providers, corporate L&D managers, business unit managers, training managers, and anyone responsible for training within enterprises.

What’s the value of joining Leapest?

All key players, small players in the enterprise training industry are active on Leapest. Leapest offers sellers a platform to build long-term partnerships with those who matter in the ecosystem. Leapest is NOT a “reseller.” Instead, you are the seller, and you are in control of the sales. Leapest is an enabler and brings you in touch with thousands of prospective business buyers from around the globe.

Leapest handles the ordering, invoicing, fulfillment and delivery for sellers. So you can get rid of your manual fulfillment process. There are zero setup cost and zero maintenance cost for sellers. Only a platform fee will be charged based on transactions on your products and services.

Simply stated, you can harness the power of digital innovation without investing your resources in it. Let Leapest help you grow, drive adoption and reduce risks.

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What about the protection of Intellectual Property?

We take the protection of the Intellectual Property (IP) of our sellers seriously. Measures have been put in place to protect the IP of the sellers to ensure that while we print, ship and fulfill the training materials to buyers, there are no misuses. If you would like to know more about how we do that, get in touch with us at ask@leapest.com.  A member of our team will be available to explain this in details and give you a demo of the IP protection features.

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