Getting the right message to the right audience at the right moment is key to any marketing success. As an instructor service provider, do you ever wish you had a channel that helps you reach those who matter and most effectively and efficiently?

When it comes to hiring contract instructors, many organizations expressed that it is sometimes like guesswork. Having an environment that provides readily available information on expertise, delivery history, availability, and pricing helps to reduce the complexity to bring in someone new for training delivery.

Leapest Learning Marketplace is a fast-growing corporate training ecosystem consisting of training providers, corporations, learning content partners, and training services providers that are passionate about developing the workforce of the future.

If you offer training services and are looking to expand your reach, here are some reasons to join Leapest fast-growing corporate training ecosystem:

Reach Your Ideal Audience

1600+ training providers and corporations globally are procuring their training resources on Leapest. You have come to the right place where training assignments are published, and offers are sent to instructors based on profile match.

Showcase Your Expertise

Build your visibility with a comprehensive profile highlighting the delivery experience. Add your bio, videos, languages, credentials, and certifications to drive interest in your training services and develop a pipeline of offers.

Work the Way You Want

You set your rate, availability, and cancellation policy. Your training delivery history, ratings, and reviews are logged on the platform. Your proven track record increases the chance for new customers to invite you to training assignments.

Payment Guaranteed
It’s free to join the marketplace. We only charge you a platform fee when a transaction takes place. You get paid after the training delivery. Leapest takes care of invoicing and collecting the payment.

Fairness and Transparency

Friendly, transparent, and standard terms govern all transactions. They are no hidden clauses. We have developed the terms and conditions that cover both the rights and obligations of both instructors and customers on our platform.

Get Dedicated Support

A passionate team of Customer Solutions Professionals is here to help you succeed. Help is around the corner when you have questions on creating your profiles, how earnings are calculated, and how to manage training assignment offers.

The Most Popular Training Topics 
Agile & Scrum | Cloud Computing | DevOps | Governance & Compliance | Enterprise Architecture Information Security | Project Management |IT Service Management | Process Management | Soft Skills

How It Works

  1. Sign Up

Create an account. You’ll get immediate access after the Leapest Team has verified the information you provided.

2. Create Your Profile

Set up your instructor profile. Showcase your expertise. Tell your story. Add videos, photos.

3. Receive Invitations

Receive invitations to training assignment. Negotiate and communicate on the platform.

4. Deliver Training

You simply show up, deliver the training and get paid.