EdCast Marketplace, Leapest and Dynamics365courses.com part of TTS (Technology and Training Solutions) Group of companies, a leading provider of training courses and courseware based on Microsoft Business Applications, today announced the availability of their learning solutions on the Marketplace. Leapest is designed to help organizations accelerate employee development at scale with the most flexible and practical solutions. Through this partnership, the business buyers on Leapest can conveniently procure these learning solutions that offer an immersive and integrated ‘hands-on’ experience to their learners. 

As a dedicated training and consulting provider for Microsoft Business Applications, Dynamics365courses.com provides learning solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of products and related technologies for end-users, technical-users, and developers. The availability of content produced by TTS through the Marketplace allows users to quickly find and start learning with end-user and technical targeted content, learning paths and experiences. TTS will be working with Leapest over the next quarter (3 Months) to publish an existing catalog of content and to identify new learning requirements specifically around the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product suite. 

We are excited to welcome TTS. As a leading provider for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform training, it has a strong fit with the needs of our business buyers that value the importance to future-proof the workforce through upskilling and retraining

Sukhbir Jasuja, Managing Director, EdCast Marketplace, Leapest. 

It is my pleasure to announce that our courses and content, will be available on the EdCast Marketplace, Leapest. It has a very innovative approach to training delivery that targets the exact needs of the organizations in upskilling at scale. This is very exciting as it complements our ethos at TTS

Ben James, Managing Director of TTS
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About EdCast Marketplace, Leapest

Leapest offers a marketplace for learning solutions including courseware, eLearning, business simulations, certifications and instructor service. Our current catalog features key topics in IT and soft skills training. Leapest provides the ease to a comprehensive portfolio of in-demand training topics. Architected for agility, scalability, and reliability, we focus on building and enriching an ecosystem in corporate training.

About TTS

The TTS Group of companies is a dedicated Microsoft Business Applications consulting and training provider. Founded in 2006, TTS is an awarded Microsoft Partner, providing innovative technology and training solutions to 100’s of organizations looking to implement the Microsoft cloud technology stack. For more information about TTS please visit www.ttsolutions.com.au and www.dynamics365courses.com for more information about Dynamics365courses.com.