If you find my earlier post on Leapest interesting, you are probably keen to learn more about how to get started to put your products and services for sale on Leapest. Welcome to this guide to selling on Leapest. I have written this post to give you some insights on this topic.

How do we start selling on Leapest?

The first step is to create an account on Leapest and it is free of charge. Once your account is activated, you’ll receive access to all the features available to sellers and you can start creating your products, pricing, listing, and promotions.

Are existing buyers eligible to become a seller on Leapest?

If you have developed training materials and you are the owner of the IP of these content and would like to make your products available for sale on Leapest, you can add Seller to your account type with a click of a button in the environment.

What are the features and benefits available to sellers on Leapest?

We have designed features with sellers like you in mind. We want to provide you the capabilities to create your products and services effectively and the tools to run promotion campaigns to drive interest in your offering. Sellers on Leapest can offer eBooks, eLearning, video content without the need to invest in an LMS. And you may be interested to know that Leapest also offers sellers exam hosting and delivery solutions.

Some key features:

Integrated Authoring and Publishing Environment

  • Seller authors and subject matter experts can collaborate and co-develop content, which can be saved and published to the Leapest library. Alternatively, content authored in G-suite or Office is readily importable
  • Sophisticated validations and version management ensures the right content is always available to the learners

Enable sales and marketing campaigns

  • Features such as invitations to prospects, prospect sign-up from the website, evaluation vouchers and discount coupons enable sellers to create campaigns and perform marketing/promotions to position and sell their products on Leapest
  • Dynamic product placement and announcement offer enhanced capabilities to create interest and demand for new products and services

Your IP – 100% secure!

  • Leapest deploys integrated and inbuilt digital rights management features for distribution of content to prevent misuse

Pricing Engine and Contracts Management Capability

  • Sellers have the ability to set global, regional and personalized pricing
  • Configure availability of items and determine in which countries items are available
  • An automated contracting engine for you to set rules with buyers and create your own contracts

How are orders fulfilled?

Leapest takes care of the fulfillment for you to make sure it meets the expectations of business buyers. We print, ship, distribute and fulfill your products to buyers and make sure they receive their goods in time while protecting your IP carefully. We can fulfill your content in several ways – from eBooks, Print licenses, Print-on-demand, Presentation materials, eLearning or labs to any locations in the world.

Who handles customer service after the sale?

All questions in relation to the logistics, delivery of the products and the usage of the buyer environment are taken care of by the global customer support team at Leapest. The only thing that is expected from you as a seller will be to help buyers out if they require content support.

What are the costs and fees for Leapest?

Zero setup cost and zero maintenance cost. You only pay a platform fee and a payment processing fee when a transaction takes place with your products.

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